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Spring 2019 Regional Conference

Regional Men's Conference with guest speakers from all over Sovereign Grace Churches

Main Session Audio
Breakout Session Audio
Book Recommendations
 21 Servants of Sovereign Joy - John Piper
Martin Luther: A Spiritual Biography - Herman Selderhuis
Biography of Tyndale  - David Daniell
Foxe's Book of Martyrs
The Cross and Christian Ministry - D.A. Carson
A Gospel Primer - Milton Vincent
Grace Hymns - Masters Seminary
Dangerous Journey - John Bunyan
The Prince's Poison Cup - R.C. Sproul
A Neglected Grace - Jason Helopoulus 
Holiness - J.C. Ryle 
The Hole in our Holiness - Kevin DeYoung
Taking God at His Word - Kevin DeYoung
The Singing God - Sam Storms

fall retreat 2017

Special Guest - Rick Gamache
Dates: Friday & Saturday, September 22-23, 2017

The Pursuit - Session 1
The Pursuit - Session 2 (Please excuse the technical difficulties)


ManPlan 2017 was a 3-Part Series focusing on seeing and living the amazing life that God has uniquely designed for you.  Audio and handouts from the three sessions are below:

ManPlan 2017 - Part 1

Discovering Your Identity & Calling In Christ, Jan 6, 2017
Speakers: Craig Cabaniss & Bob Hughes
ManPlan1 Your Identity in Christ.mp3
ManPlan1 Your Calling in Christ.mp3

ManPlan 2017 - Part 2

Developing Your Personal Life Plan, Feb 24, 2017
Guest Speaker: Brian Howard (Director: Acts 29 Network)
ManPlan2 Developing a LifePlan.mp3
ManPlan2 Personal LifePlan Handout.pdf

ManPlan 2017 - Part 3

Experiencing God’s Power for Lasting Change, March 31, 2017
Speaker: Bob Hughes
ManPlan3 Power for Lasting Change.mp3

Every Good Endeavor 2016

re: man 2015

Main Sessions

re: Read - God's Man Loves God's Word.mp3
re: Consecrate - God's Man Fights for a Pure Heart.mp3
re: Produce - God's Man Makes Disciples.mp3
re: Deploy - God's Man is God's Witness.mp3

BreakOut Sessions
God's Man is Disciplined.mp3
God's Man is Disciplined.pdf

God's Man Represents God.mp3
God's Man Represents God.pdf

God's Man has God's Mind.mp3
God's Man has God's Mind.pdf

God's Man Studies the Word.mp3
God's Man Talks to God.pdf

God's Man Restores the Hurting.mp3
God's Man Restores the Hurting.pdf

God's Man is Accountable.mp3
God's Man is Accountable.pdf

The American Dream 2014

Jesus, The American Dream, & My Stuff.mp3

Pursuing Real Treasure 2014

Pursuing Real Treasure Session1.pdf
Pursuing Real Treasure Session2.pdf
Pursuing Real Treasure Session3.pdf
Pursuing Real Treasure Session4.pdf

The Forge 2013

Forge Session1 Handout.pdf
Forge Session2 Handout.pdf
Forge Session3 Handout.pdf
Forge Session4 Handout.pdf

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