Scripture Memory Verses

Fighter Verses

At Grace Kids, we follow along with the Children Desiring God Fighter Verses memorization schedule. The Kinder-5th grade classes memorize the Fighter Verses while our Pre-K children memorize the Foundation Verses. 

Please memorize along with us! Please click here to learn more about Fighter Verses and discover helpful memorization resources!

Incentive Process
Parents, thank you for your partnership in equipping Grace Kids in this fight of faith. Please work with your child to memorize the Foundation (Pre-K) or Fighter Verses (K-5th) each week. Once your child can recite the required number of verses to you in one sitting without prompts, complete the incentive form below and our Gk Check-In team will ensure your child receives the incentive.  

Please note that each week counts as one fighter verse for incentive purposes regardless of the number of verses assigned that week
For example, Fighter Verses Set 1 begins with memorizing Deuteronomy 7:9 in Week 1. The Fighter Verses for Week 2 are Deuteronomy 10:12-13. Memorizing both of these weeks’ verses counts as two Fighter Verses. Please feel free to offer additional incentives at home that will encourage your family to pursue scripture memorization.


First Five Verses
After memorizing five verses, the child will receive a Gk drawstring bag!

First Ten Verses
After memorizing 10 verses, the child will receive a carabiner and two beads to hang from the carabiner!

Additional Five Verses
For each additional five verses memorized the child will choose another bead to hang from the carabiner. The child will also receive a bead for the 51st and 52nd verse memorized from the current year’s set. This means a child could earn 12 beads in one year. Additionally, K-5th grade children will receive a pewter knight for every 20 verses memorized. Collect all five!

Incentive Request Form