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Gospel Ethics (Ephesians 4:26-32)

Community Group Discussion Questions

Helping one another love Jesus, His people, and His world.

Text:Ephesians 4:26-32

Sermon Title: Gospel Ethics


Loving Jesus

  1. The passage ends with Jesus bearing all of our sins on the cross, including our failures at the commands in this passage.What difference does that make to your pursuit of these commands?

Loving His People

  1. The passage says that the gospel transforms us by replacing: dishonest living with honest living, destructive anger with redemptive conflict, stealing with generosity, speaking to harm with speaking to heal, and grieving the Spirit with the life in the Spirit.

a. Which one most stands out to you, and why? (Perhaps it looks most radical to the world, or is such a praiseworthy change, or is personally meaningful to you, etc.)

b. Describe the difference between a church culture where everyone feels they have to have arrived at these attitudes already and one that’s a journey of growth? What has been your experience with these two different cultures.*

 Loving His World

  1. This passage says that because of the gospel, our work is to be aimed at giving (to others) and not taking (for ourselves) (v. 28). How does this value compare to the culture of your “workplace” or living situation? What sort of impact would laboring to give rather than to get have here?

*Adapted from Ephesians, The Love We Long for, by Scotty Smith





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