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There is an old saying that says: “Familiarity breeds contempt” and this is often true in our Sunday morning gatherings. Many of us here in the Dallas area have grown up going to church, hearing the gospel preached and singing lots and lots of songs. Some of us are so familiar and so unimpressed with the singing time that we show up late to church because the sermon, we think, is really the most important part of the Sunday service. What are we doing when we gather to sing? Why do we sing? Psalm 71 is a good place to go to find the answer to these questions. In Psalm 71:15-16 the psalmist says:
“My mouth will tell of your righteous acts, of your deeds of salvation all the day, for (because) their number is past my knowledge. With the mighty deeds of the Lord God I will come; I will remind them of your righteousness.”
This is what we are doing when we gather to sing. We are not just singing to pass the time while we wait to hear the Sermon. We are not just trying to get emotionally worked up, or trying to do anything but tell, and remind each other of the righteous deeds of the Lord and to praise the Lord for them! We could literally (we won’t) sing all day and not even come close to scratching the surface of all that God has done for us!
Do you think about the Sunday singing like that? Are you excited to join the ransomed church of God and join in song? Let’s ask God for hearts that long to join his people in praising him this week!
This Sunday we will be singing through a sort of progression in thought. The first song will look at what are we doing when we gather, followed by two songs about why we would/should sing and then a song of response in praise.
The songs are:
Be Enthroned
In Christ Alone
Death Was Arrested
O Praise the Name
We can’t wait to worship together with you and tell of the wondrous righteous deeds of the Lord!

To See His Glory

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John 17:24 says, "Father, I desire that they also, whom you have given me, may be with me where I am, to see my glory."
I was caught off-guard this week in reading a devotional by John Piper, where he basically made the point the greatest version of joy we can experience is NOT in celebrating the fact the Jesus Loves Me.  At first glance, that seems crazy.  Shouldn't I be so overwhelmed with the truth that God loves me...that He proved his love by sending his Son to lovingly, sacrificially, die to bring me back into a relationship with Him... that nothing else compares?
See, while God wants us to celebrate how much His love for us is proved in the Gospel, and to be amazed at this grace forevermore, He has an even higher purpose for rescuing even higher privilege to call is into.  He wants our greatest joy to be found in celebrating HIM.  He wants our greatest energy to be spent studying and declaring and extolling HIS glory.  
As Jesus prayed in John 17:24, He wants us to be with Him TO (so that we might) see His glory.  That's what we come each week to extoll the glories of God, to thank Him for his bountiful goodness and greatness and power and glory.  Of course, we thank Him for saving us as part of this, but it's not the ultimate's a part of how we can take our joy in glorifying Him.
This Sunday, we're singing songs that hopefully help us to set our mind on, and find our joy in declaring, "God, you are Great! You are Holy! You are King! You are Worthy of all Praise! We are here to Praise your Glorious Name!
We'll be singing:
Holy Holy Holy
Here For You
Glorious Day
Crown Him With Many Crowns
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