Our Partnerships

Grace Church seeks to build not in isolation, but as a member in partnerships. Some of our partnerships are informal, like our partnership with the City of Frisco and Frisco Chamber of Commerce, as we seek to facilitate their serving of the community in various ways. Others are more formal. 

Our lead pastor, Craig Cabaniss, leads the Frisco Ministerial Alliance, which is a group of lead pastors in the City of Frisco who meet for fellowship and encouragement.  The group experiences an uncommon relational unity as pastors from different local churches learn from one another and support one another in a shared mission to bring the gospel to Frisco.   

Our church also partners with such non-profits as Zoie's Place, Frisco Family Services, LifeTalk, as they seek to serve those in need within our community. In addition, we are so grateful to be partnered with Dave and Stacy Hare as they seek to bring the Gospel to and translate the Bible for the Bakoum people in Cameroon.

In addition, we believe it's important to be in partnership with like-minded churches for the purpose of gospel mission, doctrinal fidelity, and deep fellowship and accountability for our leaders. To that end, we are members of Trinity Fellowship Churches. Here's a video about that partnership: