GK Weekly Recap

March 26, 2023


Paul wrote to teach Timothy how to live for God. The Bible tells us about God’s plan for people to have forgiveness through His Son, Jesus. Jesus obeyed God’s Word perfectly. We can follow Jesus’ example to read, believe, and obey the Bible as we live for God’s glory.

Key Passage Song


Here are a few ways to continue the learning at home.


Family Worship guide

Discussion Questions:

• Why is it important for us to know that all Scripture is inspired by God?

• What should we do with the knowledge and wisdom we gain by studying God’s Word?

 Family Prayer:

Praise God for the Bible and everything it teaches us about who He is. Thank Him for giving us His words to teach us how to live for His glory. How does the Bible describe God? What are some of His attributes that we see in Scripture?

Ask God for the discipline to read the Bible, the wisdom to understand what you read, and the strength to obey what it commands. What time in your day can you dedicate to reading God’s Word?

Family Activities:

For Fun...

1. Challenge each member of your family to memorize a verse or two (consider using this unit’s key passage, Psalm 119:105) and then create artwork inspired by the passage. Discuss how memorizing Scripture can help you live for God’s glory.

2. Enjoy a dessert of fruit and dips like honey or chocolate sauce. Read Psalm 119:103-105. Remind kids that God’s Word is a gift to us, and it is for our good. We can delight in the Bible because it tells us who God is and how He saves sinners through Jesus.

To Serve...

1. Choose a verse or passage of Scripture for your family to memorize. Use motions, flash cards, or memory games to help the entire family memorize the selected verses. Challenge another family in your church or neighborhood to do the same. Eat dinner together and ask each family to recite the verse they memorized.