GK Weekly Recap

August 7, 2022

Jesus is Lord over all of creation. The Son has always existed. The Bible says everything was created by Him and for Him, and He holds everything together. All of creation exists to bring God glory.

Key Passage Song


Here are a few ways to continue the learning at home.


Family Worship guide

Discussion Questions:

• What part of God’s creation do you enjoy the most? What sights, sounds, tastes, and smells?

• Who is in charge of the world? Why?

• What is your favorite way to be creative?

 Family Prayer:

Ask God to help you show His glory wherever you go and in whatever you do today. Who do you know who needs to know God? How can you show God’s love? 

Thank God for something that He created, like the stars, plants, food, or pets. Why are you thankful for that part of creation? How can we see God’s glory through it?

Family Activities:

For Fun...

1. Experience God’s creation with your family. Take a walk around your neighborhood or visit a park. Encourage your kids to write or draw in a notebook some of the created things they see. Challenge them to each choose one or two things to describe in detail.

2. Grab a camera or smartphone and take a nature walk. Allow each family member to take photos of parts of creation that remind them of God’s power and goodness. Return home and look through the photos together. Discuss how all of creation exists to bring God glory.  
Supplies: camera

To Serve...

1. Go to a park, playground, or some other area where you can pick up trash. Collect trash while you talk about how and why God wants us to take care of His creation. 
Supplies: gloves, trashbags