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We are partnering with The Gospel Project to bring the bible to life in fun and creative ways with kids on Sunday mornings and providing resources for parents to continue the conversations at home!

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volume 4: FROM unity to division

(1 Samuel-1 Kings) Summer 2023

Unit 11- King David


Unit 10- King Saul



(Joshua-1 Samuel) Spring 2023

Unit 9- A Pattern of Disobedience 
Unit 8- Into the Land 
Unit 7- Back to the Land 

volume 2: From Captivity to The wilderness

(Exodus-Deuteronomy) Winter 2022-23

Unit 4- Out of Egypt 


Unit 5- Into the Wilderness


Unit 6- Away From the Land




volume 1: from creation to chaos

(Genesis) Fall 2022

Unit 1- In the Beginning



Unit 2- Creation Is Ruined


Unit 3- God's Rescue Plan