financial discipleship at Grace church

Grace Church exists to make disciples who love Jesus, his Church, and his World. To that end, the Financial Discipleship Team (FDT) seeks to offer a variety of contexts for you to develop and hone biblical instincts and habits for your money journey. To that end, we've created a few types of offerings and events to seek to meet you where you are in your stewardship journey and help you determine and take your next steps. The first of those is personal financial coaching. If you're interested in meeting with a couple of our coaches, click HERE to request an appointment. We also have upcoming events and classes broken up into categories below. We're here to help, so if you don't see something that meets your felt need in this area, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at



Sometimes, we don't know what we don't know. Our Encounter events and classes are designed to help you get a basic understanding of foundational financial topics and whet your appetite for deeper learning on those topics.

Our latest Encounter event was February 3rd - "Resetting Your Money Mindset: Spending, Giving, and Investing". If you missed it or just want to check back in on the content, click here for the slide deck and some additional resources. 


Maybe you've heard a bunch of teaching about what the Bible says about money. Maybe you feel pretty competent in the basics of managing your finances, but you know you have room to grow. Maybe you and your spouse aren't on the same page about money decisions. Maybe you have practical training, but you don't aren't sure what the Bible says about the topic. Maybe you're a young adult looking to get established in these areas. Maybe you're a parent looking for help in helping your student get established in these areas.
Establish events and classes  are for you. We go deeper into various financial topics and help you put the work in to build convictions and habits around core Biblical principles. 

Our next "Establish" offering is a 6-week small group starting February 11th called "Biblical Money Management 101". It's a small group bible-study with tons of practical instruction, fellowship, discussion, and homework.

Click HERE to Register.

Live it out

If you're starting to catch a vision and passion for biblical financial stewardship, but want to continue to grow and cement your habits and convictions, you might be ready to attend Biblical Money Managment 201 or 301. Or maybe you'd like to even deeper on a particular topic to become more of an expert in an area or be trained to help others become more biblical in their approach to money. Live It Out groups, events and seminars are designed for you.

We don't currently have any "Live It Out" events on the calendar, but reach out to us at  if you're interested in a group or particular topic, or if you'd like to ask about joining our team.


Grace Church Frisco and its officers, staff, and layperson volunteers engage in informal classes,
seminars, and individual, family, and small group meetings providing informational and
educational content for personal financial management. Grace Church and these various
personnel do not provide legal, tax, financial or investment advice; nor do they represent, sell,
or recommend any specific financial products or services. For these legal, tax, financial and
investment services, you should consult with licensed insurance agents, certified financial
planners, certified public accountants, state licensed estate attorneys, or other professionals.
By engaging in any of these classes, seminars or meetings, you acknowledge that the Church is
providing only informational and educational services, and you agree to hold harmless Grace
Church Frisco and its officers, staff, and layperson volunteers from any outcomes, financial or
otherwise, that occur as a result of acting on information shared in these educational