Rooted is our gathering for married and single adults ages 18 to 30-something. Rooted exists to ground us in the Truth of God's Word and Gospel, for mutual Growth in godliness, so that we might Influence those around us with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

We encourage everyone in Rooted to join a small group. We believe most significant life change happens in the context of small groups of friends studying, encouraging and praying together. We also have a monthly Rooted gathering intended to help you connect to a broader group...and as a place to invite friends and neighbors who might not have a church or a place to meet other people in a similar season of life seeking to follow Jesus.  The schedule for those events is here:

Rooted in the Truth of the Scriptures and the Gospel of Jesus so as to not be shaken by any wind of culture or false doctrine.
Putting down deep roots for the purpose of personal and mutual Growth in godliness, that we might grow, both individually and as a group, in our love for and depth of intimacy with Jesus.
Being rooted to the spots where God has placed for the purpose of Godly and Godward Influence on all those around us - at  home, at church, at work, at school, and in our neighborhoods - so that they might know and love and live for Jesus as well.

Scriptures We're Built On:

We also will gather at other times outside of our monthly meetings for fun events, service opportunities, etc. To stay connected on upcoming events, join our group on Facebook or GroupMe.

For questions, email us at:

See below for some of our event audio:

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