Music Auditions

Thanks for your interest in serving in the music ministry at Grace Church. What a privilege it is to have musical skill to be able to worship the Lord with!

In order to expedite and take some of the pressure off of musical auditions, we're going to ask you to do them in the comfort of your home on a day that is great for you and simply submit a video to us. Feel free to put your best foot forward, sing or play songs that you feel really comfortable with and in a setting where you're not under pressure!


1. Here at Grace Church, we have a high value of church membership, so if you're interested in serving in the music ministry, you need to be a member, or if you're not yet 18, your parents need to be members.
2. To serve in our main Sunday services, you must be 16 or older.
3. To serve at TheSquare (youth ministry) or Bethesda Gardens (assisted living facility) you must be 13 or older.
4. The first step in the audition process is to submit a video audition using the form below. Feel free to tell us, in the video, what you're auditioning for.  
5. If you're auditioning for vocals, sing melody and harmony if you're auditioning for both.
6. Please feel free to enlist others to help you by playing/singing with you, but be sure to tell us who's auditioning for what in your video.
7. Videos should include 1-3 songs and be no more than 10 minutes long. If possible, you should use songs we sing at church.


Our leadership team will review it, and if we have a potential spot/need for you, we'll be in touch to give you some next steps. If not, we may give you some feedback on what you could do to grow in your gifting to be a better fit in the future (or some ideas of other musical ministries you could serve in here at Grace).


Please don't take it personally! It's not us telling you you're terrible or not talented, etc...there just may not be a need for your particular skill set right now. There are a lot of folks who would love to serve, and not all that many slots available in this particular ministry at any given time. We'd encourage you to jump in and get involved in another area. You'll be amazed how He uses us for his glory when we are willing to serve wherever there's a need.

So there it is! Fire away, and we look forward to seeing and hearing your videos!


Music Ministry Audition Form

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