Grace Church started as a church plant 17 years ago. From the start, we sought to establish a faithful and fruitful Gospel ministry here in Frisco, and then to export that ministry to other parts of DFW, Texas, and the world through church plants. With that end in mind, we established our Generations Fund the very first year of our existence.

The Generations Fund has raised over $4.15 million in cash since 2005. In addition, the land our church building sits on was donated to the church by a generous Christian developer in the city who has the heart to see the gospel proclaimed in Frisco. (God even sovereignly named Grace Street and Church Street long before any of us were even aware the land was available.) His provision for our ongoing ministry through our general fund also continues to amaze us. The last two years, the church also generously participated in funding The Commons, our park here on the property, to serve both our church family and the community around us, and we are nearing completion on that construction!

God’s generosity to us as a church has resulted in our church currently having a loan balance of less than a third of the value of our total church facility project. We praise the Lord for his kindness to us as a church. But the story isn’t over yet. We believe the Lord’s purposes for the Generations Fund will exist as long as we, as a church, exist. The majority of our focus in this next phase is to pay the mortgage off so that future generations of Grace Church members can serve the Lord and use their resources to serve this community without any mortgage payments as a hindrance.

In addition to paying off the principle on our loan, this year we are creating a new fund called the Steve Arbogast Memorial Student Missions Fund, named in honor of Steve Arbogast, who loved and faithfully served in student ministry and missions trips in our church for many years. Up to 25% of all Generations Fund donations received between now and October 31, 2023 will be earmarked toward the Steve Arbogast Memorial Student Missions Fund to support future student missions trips this year and beyond.

Thank you, Grace Church, for your participation in our mission here at Grace Church…  

- Craig, Bob, Rob, Kalib, Aaron,  and Tim




The Scripture teaches that our spending reflects our heart (Matt 6:21). In other words, we give financially to the Lord as an act of worship in response to the gospel work He has done for us and in us. So, we encourage you to spend time with God asking him to guide you in how you could glorify him by participating in the Gospel work this fund facilitates.  


Take some time to carefully consider what you could pledge to the Generations Fund over the next 12 months (over and above your normal giving to the church). As you consider your giving, we encourage you to think creatively and discuss creative ideas with your friends and family. We serve a generous God and our generosity should flow out of a heart to respond to his generosity to us in the gospel.


Please bring this card on Sunday, October 30th or any subsequent Sunday with your completed pledge of what you plan to give by October 31, 2023 to support the Generations Fund. Even if you cannot participate financially, please indicate your commitment to support these efforts in prayer.


Colossians 4:2 says, “Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving.” Regardless of your ability to participate in the Generations Fund financially, please join us in continuing to persevere in prayers of thanksgiving for God’s provision and petition for his continued work of advancing the gospel to the next generation through our church home, future church plants, and the miracle of adoption.