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When the Spirit Fills the Church (Acts 2:42-47)

Community Group Discussion Questions

Helping one another love Jesus, His people, and His world.

Text:Acts 2:42-47

Sermon Title: When the Spirit Fills the Church


Loving Jesus

  1. How does our pursuit of community show us our need for the Spirit? What do you currently need from Him in order to grow in your devotion to Christ’s people?

Loving His People

  1. In what ways do each of the four characteristics of Acts 2:42-47 play out in ourchurch community (learning, sharing, worshiping, and growing) ? How can you encourage, and contribute to, each?*

Loving His World

  1. Since the church’s lifestyle is what leads to continuous conversions, what can we do to become more visible to non-Christians? What do you think it is about us specifically that may attract them to Jesus?

*Adapted from Acts for You, by Albert Mohler

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