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Welcome to the ReFrame Course!

ReFrame is a 10 week video series designed to dramatically expand both our understanding of the gospel storyline, and the unique part that God’s called each of us to play within that story. It provides a unique opportunity to think, reflect, and apply the gospel in ways that few of us may have done in the past. The goal is not simply to see the gospel story more clearly, but to be so formed by that story that the whole of our lives are transformed by it. God’s desire is not only to redeem our hearts and minds, but to infuse the relationships, resources, and stewardships of everyday life with a new sense of eternal purpose and vision.

Because the course was produced within a seminary context, it may at times feel a bit academic. Some concepts may even challenge our assumptions and stretch our thinking. We hope that this process of “gospel re-imagination” is a stimulating one that produces a growing sense of awe in the scope of God’s mission in the world, and joy in responding to our individual callings to both reflect and declare the reign of Christ wherever we are, and in whatever we do.

Like any resource, the Reframe Course is imperfect. Please know that there may be concepts within the material that you or even our pastors may not fully agree with. That said, we believe that there is much to benefit from within the material. Differing opinions on secondary issues should not be a source of disruption, but a normal part of engaging the broader Body of Christ beyond our uniquely familiar church circles. If you have questions, please feel free to clarify any issues with a pastor.

As a church, and as individuals, we are on a journey together, discovering and engaging our place in God’s mission. May the ReFrame Course serve us to that end; that we may see the grand story of the Gospel with new eyes and fresh faith. May our sense of mission move from good intentions to focused reality, as we engage the people, places, and callings that God has entrusted to each of us for his great glory in our unique moment of church history.

With much gratitude,

Bob Hughes
On behalf of the Pastors

ReFrame Course Resources

ReFrame Leaders Guide

ReFrame Participants Guide

Session One:
Preview: ReFrame Week 1 Intro
ReFrame Episode One: “The ReFraming Story”
Additional Resources: "Not Dead Yet" 

Session Two:
Preview: ReFrame Week 2 Intro
ReFrame Episode Two: “Cultural Stories”
Additional Resources: “Remarkable Always!”  |  “Visions of Vocation,” Dr. Steven Garber

Session Three:
Preview: ReFrame Week 3 Intro
ReFrame Episode Three: “Creation & Fall”
Additional Resources:  - Faith at a $700 Million Company - Apple “Tom Nelson - The Scoreboard of the Monday Church.”

Session Four: 

Preview: ReFrame Week 4 Intro
ReFrame Episode Four: “Israel’s Calling”
Additional Resources: Driving Trust - Don Flow Auto Group 

Session Five: 
Preview: ReFrame Week 5 Intro
ReFrame Episode Five: “Jesus the King”
Additional Resources: Advancing Redemptive Entrepreneurship ; Flourishing Culture - Andy Crouch

Session Six: 
Preview: ReFrame Week 6 Intro
ReFrame Episode Six: “New Heavens & New Earth”
Additional Resources:  Beauty Out of Brokenness; Tim Keller - Faithful Presence in the Public Sphere.  

Session Seven: 
Preview: ReFrame Week 7 Intro
ReFrame Episode Seven: “The Church & the Spirit”
Additional Resources: Becoming; Steven Garber - Visions of Vocation


Session Eight: 
Preview: ReFrame Week 8 Intro
ReFrame Episode Eight: “Strangers & Exiles”
Additional Resources: The Game's Not Up; Amy Sherman - Touring Places of Vocational Faithfulness

Session Nine: 
Preview: ReFrame Week 9 Intro
ReFrame Episode Nine: “Ambassadors”
Additional Resources: Building Relationships; The Search for Good and Guinness

Session Ten: 
Preview: ReFrame Week 10 Intro
ReFrame Episode Ten: “Joyful Living”
Additional Resources: Lecrae - The Story of Reach Records; Andy Crouch - God and Mammon